We value business growth and innovation

Our aim is to help our clients reap optimum financial benefits in the form of tax credits through the R&D scheme and Capital Allowances regime. When you partner with us, you will benefit from the expertise of our highly experienced team. We work along side each individual client to achieve the best possible result for current and future R&D claims. We strive to help clients accelerate and finance their innovative activities.Ultimately, we want to help you unlock your inspired tax incentives.

Eugene O'Neill -

Managing Director
Eugene leads the Inspired team having previously led tax incentive teams within two large accounting practices.
Eugene is a highly experienced R&D tax credit and Capital Allowances specialist. Eugene is a Chartered Tax Adviser and a Chartered Accountant.Eugene has a very hands on approach, he likes to get an in-depth knowledge of his client's business, their innovative activities and tie this back to their qualifying costs.

Colm Cavanagh -

Colm is tasked with introducing the valuable tax incentives available to companies who do not realise they are entitled to make a claim.Colm has excellent client relationships and is a trusted adviser for many innovative businesses.
Colm is a Chartered Accountant who has specialised in R&D tax credits from an early stage in his career.

Sean Cavanagh -

Director - Head of Strategy
Sean leads a variety of strategic efforts inclusive of playing a pivotal role in annual/long-term strategic plans. This position is crucial to the Company’s ability to establish its short, medium, and long-term plans. Sean's vision, energy, enthusiasm and focus are invaluable to the business.