Land Remediation Relief

Land Remediation Relief.

Companies that acquire contaminated or derelict land for the purposes of their trade or UK property business can claim an enhanced deduction of 150% for qualifying  land remediation expenditure.

This relief is available to both developers who hold property as stock and also those who hold property as capital assets.

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Contaminated Land.

The presence of any of the following items would indicate that the land is considered contaminated.

Qualifying costs include expenditure on the removal of the following:

  • Inspired Tax Incentives Asbestos e.g. roofing panels – complete removal or capping
  • Inspired Tax Incentives Japanese knotweed
  • Inspired Tax Incentives Sulphate contamination in soil and concrete
  • Inspired Tax Incentives Hydrocarbon contamination e.g. fuels, oils etc or dealing with disused tanks
  • Inspired Tax Incentives Any pollution from previous industrial activity e.g. heavy metal contaminants from industrial processes

The availability of Land Remediation Tax Relief has long been under the radar for many companies.

We help our clients understand if they qualify to make a claim and guide them though the process of obtaining enhanced relief on their incurred expenditure.

Paul Gormley

Senior Quantity Surveyor, Technical Director

Derelict land.

The site must have been this way since 1 April 1998 and the land not capable of a productive use without the removal of buildings or other structures.

Qualifying costs include expenditure on the removal of the following:

  • Inspired Tax Incentives Post-tensioned concrete heavyweight construction;
  • Inspired Tax Incentives Building foundations and machinery bases;
  • Inspired Tax Incentives Reinforced concrete pilecaps;
  • Inspired Tax Incentives Reinforced concrete basements;
  • Inspired Tax Incentives Redundant services which are located below the ground (i.e. pipes, wiring, tunnels, etc. used in relation to the gas supply, the water supply, drainage or sewerage, the electricity supply or telecommunications).

What are the Qualifying Costs?

Costs of establishing the level of contamination;

Staff or sub-contractor costs for those involved in the land remediation;

Cost of materials used in the remediation works;

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